Interpretation of the transmission gear motor micro-molding technology

With the development of science and technology and accelerate the industrialization process, the future market for miniaturization. Demand precision of components will increase. And because of the small micro-mechanical scales, can reach the narrow space operations area, so in the field of electronic equipment, medical equipment, micro-electromechanical have broad application prospects. However, micro-motors geared motors are usually only able to provide greater speed and a small torque, in order to get high torque required actual working conditions, micro gear motor mechanism becomes essential.

Gear motor mechanism as a common mechanical transmission, with power transmission, high transmission efficiency, long life, high reliability and a smooth drive and good, so get in gear motors in a wide range of mechanical transmission Application. The image of both the gear motor has a compact mechanical structure due, transmission ratio, high reliability with a single, and to avoid micro-stage gear mechanism fixed axis through a multi-stage gear train transmission gear ratio to get a big drive efficiency brought low drawbacks.

Micro plastic molding technology is a way to produce plastic deformation even millimeter micro parts micron technology. The technology has come oh high utilization, low production costs, forming a good piece quality, production efficiency, and therefore a good development in recent years. Micro-injection molding technology can get a high precision gears and cousin roughness, while suitable for mass production of practical technology. The technology in material costs and manufacturing costs, process control and other aspects than metal miniature gear has obvious advantages.

Due to the size of small and micro-gear assembly of high precision, so the traditional automatic assembly machinery and visualization system is no longer applicable. On the one hand, micro-forming process is difficult angle and chamfer machining characteristics such as clearing, coupled with the miniaturization of components due to the electrostatic adsorption effect etc to bring automated assembly of micro gear mechanism is an enormous challenge. This is because almost completed assembly is beyond the scope of the human visual and tactile on the millimeter scale, so only automated assembly of micro institutions can truly achieve mass production of micro components.

Lubrication problem occupies a very important position in the micro-gear transmission mechanism, with the narrow dimension of the gear, the gear mechanism during operation in all the friction torque loss in the proportion of total power loss will grow exponentially, resulting in a micro gear significantly reduce the transmission efficiency of the transmission mechanism. Tiny micro gear reduction in the coefficient of friction will have a greater impact on the final drive efficiency.

Post time: Jun-18-2021